I have to admit that I was a bit surprised and humbled when Kim first contacted me to be their wedding photographer at Aston Marina, Stone.  You see whilst it’s not that far away, I don’t live very local.  I don’t rank on Google for the usual search terms I’d expect so was surprised when Kim said she found me via Google.

Apparently they had done a LOT of research and found absolutely no-one locally they liked so expanded their search and kept doing that until they found my website.  They loved my natural, candid style mixed with contemporary images.  I am so glad they chose me to be their Aston Marina Wedding Photographer.

My first visit to Aston Marina, Stone was for Kim & Mark’s pre-wedding photo shoot.  We spent some time wandering around the canal and over the bridge.  I captured the following spectacular sunset photograph just before we left.

I was really hoping…even praying for a similar sunset for their wedding day.

On the day of their wedding, the weather was quite a mixed bag.  We had everything!  Wind…rain…and sun.  Luckily as an experienced wedding photographer I took it all in my stride and we still captured some amazing photographs.

Being honest I didn’t think we’d get a sunset.  And it wasn’t your traditional sunset but there was a bit of a break in the clouds. The vanishing sun turned the sky purple.  I asked Mark to take Kim’s hand and walk slowly up the hill.  You can see the results for yourself.  AMAZING.

Straight afterwards we gathered the guests for a sparkler tunnel.  Given the number of guests, it was THE longest tunnel I have ever organised.  Miraculously I didn’t fall over whilst trying to walk backwards!

I returned back to Nottingham from Aston Marina tired but excited at the photographs taken on Mark & Kim’s wedding day.