As any prospective bride will know.  One of the most important part of the day is the bridal preparations.  This is where the girls get together and enjoy the excitement of getting ready for the wedding ceremony.

This often starts early in the morning for the bridal party.  Hair and makeup artists are usually hired in order to make everyone look the best they can be.

One of the things I learned very quickly when I first started out as a Nottingham and Derby wedding photographer was that when I am hired to document the bridal prep.  In reality most ladies do not want me to actually take any wedding photographs until their make up is practically finished.  Finishing touches yes.  Photos with dressing gowns, hair rollers and no make way!

I usually like to spend five to ten minutes once the bride is ready to capture some bridal portraits.  Usually I will use what is around.  In this photo, I asked the bride to stand in the bathroom and just play with her dress.  The quality of light coming through the bathroom window was simply amazing which in turn made her look amazing too.  To hide the TV on the left of the photo, I stood on the bed and used the crystals from the chandelier to 'blur' out the left hand side of the photograph so the attention is wholly on the bride and viewers are not distracted by the TV on the wall.

The moment the bride is ready is also the time of day when the bride is looking the most radiant. I have also found that the few minutes alone gives a moment for her to pause and think about the day ahead.  It is a common complaint that the entire wedding day goes at a lightning pace.  So a couple of minutes to pause is a rare treat indeed.