Hilton Doubletree Hotel

Hilton Doubletree Hotel

The Doubletree Hilton hotel is a contemporary hotel situated near the centre of Nottingham, just off the A610. With many hotel rooms and function rooms, it is a venue which hosts many weddings each year.

The above photo was taken at Amy & Sam's wedding there last September. I wanted to create a stunning, exciting image. I had the perfect image in mind and found the perfect location, near the back of the car park. A place which many experienced wedding photographers in Nottingham would discount as unsuitable.

However I had one small problem. I only had one smoke grenade left. With the help of Sam's ushers, I instructed one of them on how to light the smoke grenade as well as hold the flash.

We practiced taking the photograph a few times without the smoke so we could perfect the pose and make sure i had the right settings.

Once we started, the smoke quickly came out and literally a few seconds later it engulfed the couple.

However, the most important thing was. We got the shot! Amy & Sam, along with the best man & ushers retreated back to the reception. A job well done!

We went straight into the first dance and after, the happy couple allowed me a few more images to finish the day off and provide the perfect end for the wedding album.

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Nuthall Road, Nottingham, NG8 6AZ.