Nottinghamshire Golf Club Wedding Photos

Nottinghamshire Golf Club Wedding Photos

The Nottinghamshire Golf and Country club is a highly popular venue for bride and grooms to get married at.  It is one of my most popular venues and I always enjoy being a Nottinghamshire Wedding Photographer there.

This particular photograph was taken at Laura and Adam's wedding. We had pretty much finished taking couples portraits out on the golf course.  The sun was setting over the lake as usual.  I turned around and saw an opportunity to use the Nottinghamshire building in the background.  

Now any wedding photographer who has worked with me before.  Or even any wedding couples whom I've been fortunate to work with will already know.  I am not a big fan of static poses.  The last thing I want is to move you into an awkward looking pose.  In my opinion too many fellow wedding photographers try to pose couples how they would see a professional model found in a glossy magazine.

However, most couples are not professional models so struggle.  Instead I like to give my subjects purpose.  In short, something to do so you are not concentrating on the camera.

For Adam and Laura, I simply asked Adam to give Laura a twirl.  Just like they were dancing.  Laura's stunning wedding dress was perfect for this job and as you can see by their photo, it worked amazingly well.

It is definitely one of my favourite photos of the year.  I'm looking forward to traveling back and visiting my friends at The Nottinghamshire soon.  It really is a gem of a place to tie the knot!

Location: The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club, Nottingham NG12 3HB.