Selina & Stephen's Wollaton Hall Wedding In Nottingham
Selina & Stephen's Wedding Door Games In Nottingham
Guys taking their forfeit


When Selina & Stephen first told me of their wedding plans for a fusion of Chinese and British cultures, it sounded amazing. I really hoped they would invite me to be their Wollaton Hall wedding photographer right in the heart of Nottingham.  I admit feeling a little jealous though when I heard that Selina was not planning the traditional door games for Stephen.  This is where the groom and his party arrive to collect the bride and before doing so, the bridesmaids devise a series of challenges to make sure the groom is worthy.  You see, when I got married I had to endure this so I felt it was only fair that Stephen suffer…erm I mean 'enjoy' or should that be 'endure' this customary Chinese tradition! Thankfully (for everyone else) by the time their wedding date, door games were back on the plans!  Hurrah!

My team & I arrived at the family home early in the morning where Selina and her bridesmaids were getting ready.  I was told that Selina was very chilled and it was true.  Soon though the boys arrived and after a short wait.  The games….were on!  Stephen had to answer a series of questions about Selina.  Each getting progressively harder than the last.  Get it wrong and the guys got a forfeit.  These ranged from a simple “Drink this random liquid” through to pass this orange around without using your hands.  My favourite forfeit had to be when all the guys had to put on adult nappies then write “Stephen loves Selina” with a pen using their teeth on another nappy!  I was laughing so much I’m surprised my photos weren’t shaky!

The guys passed the tests with flying colours and soon Stephen went to collect Selina and performed the traditional Chinese tea ceremony with the family elders.  A few photos in the garden then we were off to Wollaton Hall for the English wedding ceremony.

Selina arrived looking absolutely stunning whilst Stephen was outside the back receiving some last minute wise words from his groomsmen.  The ceremony itself can only be described as emotional.  There were many tears shed and not just by the happy couple.

After the ceremony the guests went for some welcome drinks in the Orangery whilst we spent some time outside in the gardens of Wollaton Hall for couples photographs.  Despite the fact it was the end of October, a mild autumn meant there were still some fantastic colours in the trees. Selina & Stephen had asked me specifically for some “Haduken photographs” which is based on a popular arcade game I grew up playing.  I’ve never tried this sort of photoshopping before but I think the results turned out very well!

A traditional chinese banquet was held at Mr Mann’s just around the corner from Wollaton Hall instead of a wedding breakfast.  It’s been quite some time since I had my favourite dish, Shark’s fin soup.  A few guests on our table didn't like the soup so it meant even more for me! ha ha.

Another important chinese tradition was going around each table and having a toast with all the guests.  Following this, we swtiched back to the English traditions and wedding speeches followed after everybody had eaten. 

So much had been packed into their day that there wasn't much time after the speeches so the first dance followed quite quickly. 

Before we left, I took the opportunity to make a few final night time portraits in the restaurant gardens.  We left after one of the longest weddings of the year but the hard work was certainly worth it.

Wollaton Hall is such a beautiful venue to create wedding photographs at.  After all, if it is good enough for Batman then who am I to argue?  I'd love to create wedding photographs at Wollaton Hall.  If you are getting married here then I'd love to hear from you.  Drop me a message and let's get chatting.