Natural Wedding Photos in Nottingham

Natural Wedding Photos in Nottingham

When I am meeting couples for the first time who are looking for a wedding photographer Derby or Nottingham.  One of the most common things they say to me is that they are looking for 'natural photographs'

However, what I have learned is that they don't necessarily want a pure photojournalist.  The proverbial fly on the wall who no-one knows is the official wedding photographer.

Instead often what they mean is that they don't want to be stood in line after line saying "CHEESE!" at the camera.
I do pride myself on having a natural style but I am always quick to explain the differences between a pure photojournalist and someone like myself who strives to capture natural moments.

Take for example this photograph with Leah & Ashley. This was taken during their wedding at Rufford Park Golf Club. 

It isn't a pure photojournalist moment in that we had specifically driven out onto the course in buggy's to create some stunning wedding portraits.

However, as you can see they are not stood statically posing at the camera. 

Instead with my natural style, I will suggest a simple pose. Usually not much more complicated than "Snuggle up together".  Then I will often get the couple to interact with each other.

Sometimes they will have a kiss and a cuddle.  Other times they'll mess about a bit.  It all really depends on their personality.  And that bit is key.  I love to capture wedding photographs that capture the couple's personality!

With Leah and Ashley they were always full of laughter.  This photograph captures that moment perfectly.

Location: Rufford Park, Nottingham, UK.