Wedding ceremony at a Nottingham Church. Bride & groom laughing

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. Take for example this photograph from Daniel and Lindsey’s wedding at Hart church in Nottingham.

It is just a very natural shot of them listening to the marriage service. Both look so incredibly happy.

The black and white conversion helps maintain focus on the couple since in the colour version, you can see all the wonderful colours of the guests outfits.  Yes they all looked fab but for this photograph I preferred to keep the attention focussed on the happy bride & groom.

After the service, we all drove back to the Peak Edge Hotel in Chesterfield where the party continued.

Lindsey’s bridesmaids were a lot of fun to work with and I really enjoyed working with them. They all looked gorgeous in their purple bridesmaid dress with matching bouquets. Of course Lindsey stole the show with her beautiful dress with low cut back.

Bride & bridesmaids sharing a moment at Peak Edge Hotel - Chesterfield Wedding photograph