Nottinghamshire wedding photographer

Nottinghamshire wedding photographer

When Rhiannon and Danny first came to meet me to see if I would be their Nottinghamshire wedding photographer, I very surprised at how mature they were for their young age. Despite the fact they'd booked their wedding at West Retford Hotel, Nottinghamshire on my birthday. I very much wanted to shoot their wedding and create photographs that they would treasure forever.

This simple elegant bridal portrait was taken just after the bride had got into her wedding dress. I asked Rhiannon to simply stand near the window since I knew the quality of natural light there was brilliant.

What a stunning bride.  Danny was such a lucky groom!

During the speeches, Danny surprised me with a birthday gift. It was an incredibly kind gesture. I was deeply touched that despite being a little busy, you know....getting married. That they had still taken time out to think about me. It shows just the sort of people they both are.

I was so pleased that their wedding went off without any problems. My first wedding at the West Retford Hotel was very eventful. It involved the Police and bomb squad turning up. Thankfully the registrars came back later for that wedding so it went ahead. Otherwise the poor bride & groom at that Nottinghamshire wedding would have been forced to cancel their day.

I've recently also been booked to be Rhiannon's sister's wedding later this year. So I am very much looking forward to catching up with this amazing young couple.

Location: West Retford Hotel, 24 North Rd, Retford DN22 7XG.