Best Wedding Photographer in Nottingham

Best Wedding Photographer in Nottingham

One of the most important decisions you will make as a prospective bride and groom is choosing a wedding photographer.  Naturally you will want to choose the best wedding photographer in Nottingham you can.  You will want someone who is amazing and deliver you a set of photographs you can cherish forever.

So just how do you decide who is the best wedding photographer in Nottingham?  There is definitely a lot of competition for this lofty title.

To be able to make your decision, I would like to take a few seconds to talk about how you may define what 'the best' means to you.  Finding 'the best' is subjective.  What is right for you may not be right for another bride/groom.  Just in the same way that your dress or bouquets may be perfect for you but not to another couples tastes.

So in order to decide what the best is.  Personally I think the three main factors you will need to consider:

Firstly the quality of images.  Of course you will want great looking photos of your ceremony and speeches.  Not to mention the highly important getting ready photos.  Nowadays, it is a rite of passage to have you and your bridesmaids photographed whilst the make up is being applied and you are stepping into your dress.  

You will want a photographer who can make you look and feel amazing.  Someone who knows how to be discreet whilst being able to capture those important photographs unobtrusively.

Nowadays no-one wants to be stood to attention saying cheese to the camera all day long!  So whilst the quality of the images are important.  The next consideration is arguably just as important, if not even more important!

Personality!  Your wedding photographer is the supplier whom you will spend the most time with on your special day.  They will be usually with you from the getting ready right through past the first dance.  So it is vital you get along with them and they are the type of person whom you would happily have around your wedding.

If you don't get on and have nothing to talk about then it simply is going to be an incredibly hard day for everyone.  And I'm sorry.  But if you don't like him/her as a person then no matter how great their photography skills are.  They simply will not be able to get the best out of you.

The final consideration is of course budget.  Sadly virtually everyone will have a budget they need to stick within.  Of course I feel that wedding photography is an important part of your budget and should be represented accordingly.  

There really are no shortages of wedding photographers in Nottingham and Derby.  The same is true all over the country.  So prices can and do vary massively.  The main thing to realise and bear in mind is that so do the quality of the photographs.  A cheap photographer is likely to lack the experience, skill and equipment a seasoned professional has.  

I'm not trying to bash the cheaper wedding photographers.  Not at all.  Just trying to say that just as in life.  You do get what you pay for.

Asking who is the best wedding photographer in Nottingham/Derby may be a simple question.  However I would suggest that a better question would be: "Who is the best Derby/Nottingham wedding photographer FOR ME"

Consider the points I've listed above.  Do have a look at their website and their work.  Don't be afraid to contact them and ask to see more work.

Could I be the best wedding photographer Nottingham and Derby for you?  I certainly hope so.  My unique mix of stylish, modern and clean wedding photographs is highly popular with the discerning bride and grooms.

So if after applying the above considerations, you are thinking that I could be the most suitable wedding photographer for you. Then I'd love to hear from you.  Tell me where in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire you are getting ready.  Tell me when.  Tell me about your vision.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.