Wedding Photo at Nottinghamshire Golf Club

Wedding Photo at Nottinghamshire Golf Club

The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club in Cotgrave is such an amazing place to get married. Couple's fall in love with the stunning landscaped golf course which provide drop dead gorgeous backgrounds for your wedding photography.

It certainly is one of my favourite wedding venues in the Nottingham area and I always enjoy working there.

Lara & Ben planned a late April wedding and despite having good weather during the church ceremony at nearby All Saints Church. The weather was not so kind afterwards.

The wind & rain were a bit of a challenge. Just before the first dance, the wind had died down and just a drizzle remained. So we decided to go outside and spend literally a few minutes to see what wedding portraits we could create.

Lara & Ben had purchased their own umbrella's and we created some quirky bride & groom photographs. 

However, it was during the walk back to the reception, I saw the water in the fountain which gave me a cunning idea. The happy couple were kind enough to let me take "just one more photograph" and what a stunner it is.

It has become one of my favourite wedding portraits this year and I'm so happy we took the time to brave the elements.

We went straight back into the reception to cut the wedding cake and first dance swiftly followed.

Location: The Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club.