Derby Wedding Photos

Derby Wedding Photos

It is often said that a wedding is 'the bride's day'. They are usually the centre of attention. It is certainly true for the Derby weddings I have photographed. I'm sure it is the same up and down the country as well.

No matter if you believe it is true or not, it is vitally important for any experienced Derby wedding photographer to capture some stunning photographs of the bride. Especially since she will almost certainly have spent a lot of time (and money) on making sure she looks perfect.

This bridal portrait from Sian's wedding in Derby was taken just after she had finished getting ready. It is a very simple portrait. I asked the bride to sit down on the floor and simply close her eyes.

The location I had chosen was actually next to a doorway rather than a window where I usually find the best natural light. I chose to use a very wide aperture so everything but her front eyelashes would be out of focus.

Location: Derby UK.