Night Time wedding portraits in derby

Night Time wedding portraits in derby

Kristie & Adey's wedding was basically one long roller coaster. From the minute my team and I arrived until the moment we left, there was not a dull moment at all. Thankfully as an experienced Derby wedding photographer I was able to roll with the timeline and accept changes on the fly.

So for example the time we'd scheduled for the formal group photographs was in the afternoon. We had to do these in the evening.  The all important couple's portraits were due after that but again. That had to also wait.

In fact it was 8pm by the time I got a few minutes with Kristie & Adey. At this point we were in the middle of the city centre with no gardens available. So what do you do when you are given lemons? Make lemonade of course.

Wedding photography is essentially all about light. Add good light and you have a good photograph.  Vice versa.

So I asked them to stand on the pavement and waited for cars to go past. My assistant was stood to our right with a softbox to light them with beautiful soft light. This wedding photograph took a few minutes since as you can see, we were stood next to traffic lights. So occasionally cars would stop. I also wanted a bus for added visual interest.

We got there in the end though and soon we were back in the room for the cake cut and first dance.

If you are getting married in Derby and looking for stunning photos regardless of the time of day. Do contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

Location: Derby UK.