Walton Hall Wedding Photographs

Walton Hall Wedding Photographs

A couple of years I was invited to shoot wedding photos at Walton Hall. I was incredibly excited to be their wedding photographer at such a fantastic venue. 

Anna & Stuart had chosen a November wedding but unfortunately the day before there was a huge storm and their wedding day was just on the tail end of the storm. 

As a result, it was very VERY windy not to mention raining outside so as a result we had to stay inside, even for the newlywed portraits.

I used the archway near the hotel reception area to frame the couple and asked the bride to play with her veil. The warm light from the background really warms the entire image.

It was actually Anna's auntie who recommended me for her niece's's wedding.  As a professional wedding photographer herself, I was honoured that she loved my work that much that she was happy to recommend me to document such an important occasion for her family.

Walton Hall is one of my favourite venues to shoot at, even though it is not within the Nottingham & Derby area which is my usual patch. However if you are looking for a Walton Hall wedding photographer then I would be grateful if you'd consider me as one of your options. Feel free to contact me for more information and a great deal.


Location: Walton CV35 9HU.