Wedding Photographer Prices in Nottingham & Derby

Wedding Photographer Prices in Nottingham & Derby

It's such a simple question isn't it?  How much does a Nottingham wedding photographer cost?  How much would a Derbyshire wedding photographer charge for a full day or half day wedding?  Yet when you are looking at websites it's just so confusing.  Some have one package only. Others have a matrix of pricing. Often there's not even a price on the website! So just how do you know what you will expect to pay?

First of all, when it comes to wedding photography there is frankly a huge variation. You get your budget wedding photographer's to the high end exclusive wedding photographers. All promise you stunning photographs and to be the perfect photographer for you.

The aim of this article is to give you some perspective on wedding photography prices and what you can get for your money.


Most couples nowadays want full day coverage. That's from the all important getting ready photographs all the way through until the end of the first dance. Typically it's around a ten hour day if everything runs to plan. Of course if you are on a budget then the most obvious way to save money would be to reduce the amount of coverage you want to half day or even just the ceremony and some group photos afterwards.

Digital or album

Nowadays most wedding photographers will offer the final images on a DVD or USB. This will allow you to print the photos yourself and/or share them with family and friends on social media. Depending on your budget, you can add a wedding album to the overall cost. Typically a professional wedding photographer will have access to high quality wedding albums with printed rigid card pages. Which unlike your parent's photo album, the photos won't fall out in years to come when you lift it up. These do cost a lot of money to buy so can make the overall cost of your package feel much more expensive.

Experience & skill

Wedding photography is an art. But it is an art form delivered under pressure where mistakes cannot be tolerated. Understandably bride & groom's will want perfect wedding photographs. No excuses. So experience and skill are critical components for any wedding photographer to possess in abundance. So it should come as no surprise then that you would pay more for an experienced professional than a new starter with little to no experience. That said we all have to start somewhere.

How do we compare then?

So with those variables, how do you know what the cost will be and if the quoted price is fair? My recommendation is to start out by comparing digital coverage. That will help level the playing field by removing expensive luxuries like the album.

Next look at their work. If you read my article on questions to ask a wedding photographer. This will give you some ideas on how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Once you've got a shortlist, you can factor in the extras and any special offers.

What's the average price of a wedding photographer?

We've learned what components go into a wedding photographer's package. We've also talked about how to compare different packages to determine the best value. What is the average price of a wedding photographer in Nottingham & Derby?

In reality there's no right price. In general terms the price you would expect to pay for an experienced professional wedding photographer in the East Midlands area would be between £900 - £1500. That's assuming full day coverage with your images on a disc/USB.

Can I find a cheap wedding photographer? Yes of course. It's such a big market that there is literally a supplier to suit all budgets. There's no shortage of new starters who will be happy to charge you less in exchange to gain more experience and build on their skill. Just make sure you do the checks by asking the questions I recommended earlier. This will help you minimise the risk and know what you are getting yourself into.