Wedding Florists in Nottingham and Derby

Wedding Florists in Nottingham and Derby

As a wedding photographer in Derby and Nottingham. I have come to realise that bride's spend a long time choosing the perfect details for their dream day. 

An important decision will be what sort of bridal bouquet to have. First of all do you want artificial flowers or real?  Artificial flowers will last and make a great keepsake but natural flowers are well....natural. 

What about the colours? Of course they will need to match the colour scheme for the day. Once you've settled on what you want for the bouquet then comes the bridesmaids bouquets. Are they going to be simply smaller versions of the bride's?  Or something different yet complementary?

As an experienced wedding photographer, I have seen many bouquets.  One thing I recommend you have a think about is the size and weight. You will be carrying the bouquet around a lot during your wedding day. If it is big and heavy, your arms will get tired quicker.

Another consideration. Are you planning on tossing the bouquet?  Whilst this is more of an American wedding tradition. It is still often done at UK weddings too. In which case a big bouquet could end up causing an injury.  And that is of course without thinking about how much the bouquet cost that is sailing through the air!  What some ingenious brides do is throw a bridesmaid's bouquet instead. That way if their flowers are squashed then it matters slightly less.

Location: Nottingham, UK.