Frequently asked questions for a wedding photographerFrequently Asked Questions

I have a simple, clean style and I believe that my images should tell the story of your day without resorting to heavy image manipulation.  My aim is to get as much right in camera as possible.   I want to deliver a set of stylish images that will stand the test of time.  A set that will still look fantastic when showing your grandkids and with luck your great grandkids!

Below I have compiled a list of the most-asked questions for your convenience.   I hope you will find these answers useful.  However if there’s a question you have that isn’t answered here then do send me a message and I will reply as quickly as possible.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, absolutely!  I carry full public liability and professional indemnity insurance as you would expect from any professional wedding photographer.  If your venue requires proof then I would be happy to email them a copy for their records.

Do you offer discounts for out of season or weekday weddings?

Occasionally discounts are available but these are dependent on availability and the time of year.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss in more detail.

What is your deposit and when is the balance due?

I ask for £250 deposit to secure the date due upon contract signature.  The rest is due one month before the date of your wedding.  I will usually contact you a month before your date anyway to catch up with your planning and remind you.  I know you will be busy and my aim is to make things as easy as possible.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use top of the range professional Nikon lenses and cameras.  I am totally obsessed with making sure I have multiple backup equipment to ensure your day is never affected by any technical failure and often backup for my backups!  For example I carry three professional full frame cameras. These enable me to capture the very best images in low light situations (eg. church).  Each camera has dual memory card slots to ensure even if my memory card stops working, I never have to have tell you I’ve lost some of your precious memories.  I have invested heavily to ensure that even if my equipment fails, my commitment to you will not.

Can you add special effects?

My style is generally clean & modern.  As such I tend not to use ‘Instagram-like’ features to my photographs.  I do use the latest editing software to ensure your wedding photos will be as perfect as can be.  My aim is to use classic photographic techniques rather than jump on the latest fad which will come & go.  I believe a clean crisp image will look just as stunning today as it will in the years to come when you are showing your grandchildren.

Can we give you a list of ‘shots’ or show you our Pinterest board?

I welcome a few ideas for inspiration but overall, I would prefer not to work from a list. Let me explain why!  A list of family groups helps make sure we don’t forget anyone during a set time of the day but working from a checklist for the entire day will only slow me down.  As an experienced professional, a detailed list of photographs like ‘Photograph of the car’, ‘photo of the shoes’ is unnecessary.  Such photographs will taken as a matter of course.   My aim is to capture story and emotion of YOUR wedding day.

What happens in the event you are ill or heaven forbid, die?

Well firstly if I died then I definitely won’t be at your wedding!  However, my loving wife is familiar with all my bookings and would reach out to my photography friends to find you a replacement.

Whilst it’s never happened, I am only human so if I were to be so ill that I couldn’t attend your wedding then as a respected member of the local and national community of wedding photographer’s, I would aim to substitute myself with another wedding photographer with a similar style and passion.  Any difference in cost will be covered at my expense, not yours.

Do you take formal family photos?

Yes.  I strongly believe that it is important to record your family at an important time in their history together.  I will usually contact you a few weeks prior to the date of your wedding to agree a list of groups you would like.  I recommend around 8-9 groups, no more than 12-13 in total, otherwise timings can be a challenge.  That being said, I never forget that it is your day, not mine so I will take as many or as few as you would like subject to time constraints.  Please just be aware that a very long list of groupings will result in less time for the documentary coverage and I cannot be held responsible for restless and vanishing guests.

How many Photographs will I receive?

It’s very difficult to give an exact number since the number of photographs taken depends on many things – the number of guests, hours of coverage, any planned events.  On average I have found the number is around 350 but please know that the final number will vary depending on the day.  Please ask for more details and be wary of anyone who guarantees you 2000 photos without even speaking to you about your own wedding plans.