Wollaton Hall Wedding Photos

Wollaton Hall Wedding Photos

A Wollaton Hall wedding is incredibly popular for many bride & grooms who are looking to get married in the Nottinghamshire area. It certainly isn't hard to see why. Wollaton Hall is set in stunning parkland where deer roam freely. The commanding position of the Hall itself can be seen for miles around. No wonder it is so popular with engaged couples.

The above image was from Selina & Stephen's wedding. It was taken in the Prospect room which is upstairs at the top of Wollaton Hall.  Access is via a private, VERY small round staircase. It is quite a challenge for a wedding photographer in Nottingham to climb with all their gear.

However, once you reach the Prospect room you are rewarded with some stunning scenery as it overlooks the Nottinghamshire skyline.

Wedding ceremonies at Wollaton Hall

Two of my favourite rooms for wedding ceremonies at Wollaton are the Salon and The Great Hall.

The Salon is an elegant room just a short walk past the great hall. French doors open out onto the rear lawns of the mansion, allowing easy access to the gardens for photographs and drinks.

If you want to make a statement on your wedding day then holding your ceremony in the Great Hall would be a big statement. The grand architecture is magnificent. Natural light pours in from the roof so your wedding photographer should not find it hard to provide you with stunning photographs.

Camellia House is a short walk from the rear garden and is usually where guests can go for pre-reception drinks whilst the bride & groom are having their wedding photographs taken.

Background to this photograph

At Selina and Stephen's wedding at Wollaton Hall.  They explained to me that they'd seen a photograph on Pinterest which they would like to recreate. It was called Haduken photography. Haduken comes from the very popular arcade game, StreetFighter. A game which I have grown up playing.

They wanted to recreate such a photograph with their groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Whilst it is not my usual style, I am always happy to give new things a try and this was certainly a challenge!

After their marriage ceremony in the Salon, we finished the formal groups as quickly as possible then sent the guests to Camellia House to enjoy a drink. That meant we had some time without distractions to practice their leaps.

Unbeknownst to me, the bride & groom had already told their wedding party to practice their leaps so they were well versed in jumping for the shot.

I think the results were well worth it. It was a lot of fun.

Location: Wollaton Hall & Park, Nottingham NG8 2AE.