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5 Tips for Planning a Wedding That No-One Else will Tell You

When planning a wedding, there's so much to consider. There's no shortage of advice anywhere. Everyone has tips for you. Things that they wish they'd done during their planning. Or suppliers giving you tips based on their experience. So here are a 5 Tips for planning a wedding that no-one else will tell you.


I'm not just saying this because I want to promote myself or anything. It's because naturally you want a stress free wedding day! All the planning you are doing now. Choosing the right wedding photographer, DJ, centre pieces, chair covers. It all culminates in what you hope will be the perfect day right?

On the day you'll have lots of friends & family all wanting to spend time with you. You'll be a little bit distracted you know‚ getting married! What you need are reliable and experienced suppliers you can hand over responsibility to. People who you know will simply sort stuff out without you having to stress. Companies who have covered enough weddings to have spares, backups of equipment and materials in case things go wrong.

If you pick the cheapest suppliers who have no experience and wafer thin margins, they may not react quickly enough.


Many brides may choose to have a veil to complete their wedding day outfit. If appropriate, consider a long cathedral length veil. A long veil not only makes a great statement, it also doubles really well as a prop for photographs.


If you want a really good confetti photograph, supply it. Lots of it. The more the better. Often couples mistakenly think that guests will know to bring confetti. Some do. But many simply do not. Then we end up having to split two small boxes between 50 guests and that never ends well.

I'd also suggest not putting the confetti in cones or leaving them in boxes since what happens is that people will try to throw them from the cone/box which never works well. Instead have a few big bags full. Ask a bridesmaid or usher to walk around and ask guests to take large handfuls. Your wedding photographer can line everyone up and get them in the best spot. Then just go for it!


I know insurance is boring. But with weddings costing so much money today. Few can afford to book it all again should something really bad happen. I've seen lots of bride's ask "Do I need wedding insurance?" and as long as you understand what you are getting covered for, the answer in my opinion is an overwhelming YES!

Being insured gives you peace of mind and allows you to sleep soundly at night. Just this year I've read many reports of suppliers going bankrupt, venues on fire. Having insurance is just good common sense really.


This one's for the guys!

I've yet to meet a bride who doesn't want her groom to wipe away a tear as she walks down the aisle. Happy tears! Tears of joy at how beautiful she looks. Not because she's in the way of the exit and there's no escape! Ditto during speeches. A couple of poignant moments with your voice quivering with emotion.

If you're a man's man and not prone to tears. Just think of how much this wedding is costing. That should do the trick!

Final Thoughts

I hope the above tips are useful. I've tried to stay away from the usual ones. Eg. Photography tips or how couples regret not having a video after. If you've any suggestions to add, please feel free to drop me a message and I'd be glad to add it.

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