Martin Cheung - A Nottingham wedding photographer holding his camera
Martin Cheung trying to photograph my wife

the guy behind the camera

Well the obvious thing to say is I’m Martin and I’m a wedding photographer in Nottingham. But that’s a bit boring isn’t it and probably not what you’re after right? What you really want to know is what I do when I’m not snapping away at weddings.

Well Daiga says I’m a bit of a geek. But in a good way. I’m a self confessed Star Trek loving, Game of Thrones watching nerd. We are both Marvel fans, found DCEU a bit boring (Wonder Woman is the exception!). And I love to take the mickey out of my wife’s Star Wars obsession.

I spent over two decades working in corporate IT which is about as boring as it sounds. To be honest I didn’t know any different and there are worse ways to make a living. It was only when I picked up a camera and started photographing weddings that I realised what I was missing.

I love helping people and capturing those most precious memories still gives me such a buzz even after a decade in the industry. It sounds cliched but I genuinely think I have the best job in the world! It rocks being able to join you on one of the most important days of your life, watch you make the ultimate commitment to the person you love then eat some cake and party with you!

Over the years I’ve won a few awards, been published in some magazines and blogs. But that’s not what drives me. The real buzz for me is when I see your big smiles when you view your photos for the first time. Seeing your newsfeed blow up when friends and family see those stunning portraits. And don’t forget mum getting all teary eyed when she sees how beautiful you both look. I definitely have the best job in town.

random facts about me

(in no particular order)

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I once hitchhiked to Calais, stayed for 20 minutes then came back

We have a blind cat called Simba. He loves Daiga and hates me.

I grew up being jealous of people who were bi-lingual until one day realised I am bi-lingual!

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I'm well known in the industry for leaving camera gear at venues. I once drove home, leaving my entire camera bag!

I'm constantly singing or humming some cheesy tune. It drives Daiga nuts

My party trick is that I can waggle my ears

look mum I'm famous!!!!

some of the places I've been published

Photo of Martin Cheung having a bit of fun at a wedding

My motto is work hard and play hard. I absolutely love my job and whilst I take your wedding photography very seriously, we can enjoy the day too and have a great time.

If you've had a good look around and like my photos then the next step is to get in touch and make sure I'm not some mad axe murderer and I'm the type of guy you're happy to hang with for 10+ hours on one of the most important days of your life!

The quickest way to get in touch is to DM me via Instagram or click on the big button below and tell me a little more about your plans. I'm usually pretty swift with a response, typically within two hours - just bear in mind it might take longer during weddings (or when catching those zzz's!).



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