Alex & Nicholas - Hazel Gap Barn

Alexandra & Nicholas first contacted me after seeing my previous Hazel Gap Barn weddings on Instagram.  It has felt like a long time coming but in reality it was just under a year from the moment they booked me to the date of their wedding.

Hazel Gap Barn is such a popular wedding venue in the Nottinghamshire area that I have another bride who lives on the same road as Alex & Nick getting married there next year.  And they also know another couple who lives on the same estate who recently got married at Hazel Gap too!

One look at the venue and you soon realise why though.  The magnificent barn is simply jawdropping and everything is done up to such a high standard.  The staff are so friendly and the food is simply amazing!  I'm a bit of a foodie and I always look forward to meals there.

Rather than like usual, launching straight into the photographs.  This time, I'd like to share a photo slideshow of Alex & Nick's wedding day.  If you have sound then do turn it up so you can enjoy the slideshow fully.  The photos are also listed further down in case you'd like to just look.

Without much further ado....hit the play button!

Wedding Gallery

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