Carriage Hall wedding photograph of car driving into venue with bridesmaids waiting

Charli & Leo - Carriage Hall

It was a real privilege to be Charli & Leo's Carriage Hall wedding photographer. Charli, the bride got ready at her parent's home in Wollaton before driving the short distance to Carriage Hall in Plumtree, Nottingham.

They took their vows in the main hall which as always is beautifully lit with the soft natural light that makes for stunning wedding photographs no matter which direction you're facing.

Their guests were all so friendly to me and I've never seen such an eclectic collection of cameras before. Charli had warned me that many of their guests were car enthusiasts but not that many were also camera enthusiasts too!

The speeches were the perfect mix of jokes and emotional moments. At times I could feel myself welling up but I pushed through! It's not often I get affected anymore but there are rare times when it's impossible not to be moved.

Later we popped outside for a few evening portraits before Leo played a set with his band before the first dance.

Evening food was served by The Peel Pizza company. Freshly cooked wood fire pizza's with fresh salad! Yum!

As I was packing my car to go home, I saw the beautiful moonlit sky. So I quickly grabbed a camera and the newlyweds for 'one last shot' I'm really glad Charli & Leo gave me the time to do this since I think it rounds the story off nicely.

Below are some of my favourite photos from their day. If you are planning to get married at Carriage Hall as well then I'd love to chat with you. Drop me a message and check if I might still be available for your wedding day.

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