Instead here are a couple of ideas that you may want to consider instead:

  1. Wedpics. This is a smartphone app that you can email your guests before your wedding. Any photographs they take using the app will be uploaded to a gallery where you can later view and download. What a great idea eh? No processing costs too! What does this service cost? NOTHING. It’s free!
  2. Another idea which I’ve done once at a family wedding is to get a few old digital cameras. You’d be amazed how many people have an old digital camera lying around that are no longer used. I printed out a few “Official Wedding Paparazzi” badges and let the kids go wild with them. The results were hilarious, kept the younger kids entertained whilst at the same time feeling helpful. Sure we got a lot of photos of the floor but some of the snaps the kids got were brilliant. I still don’t know where one found a lobster! You can see a few of them below:

Which do you prefer?

I hope the above explains why I don’t think using disposable cameras at weddings are a good idea and that you found this article useful. As always let me know your thoughts and if this article has swayed you one way or the other.