So you’ve been waiting for your man to propose for like forever!  He’s finally done so YAY!!!!!!  What a beautiful ring you now have on your finger.  It’s SO exciting.  You’re both so excited to start planning the wedding.  You’re looking at dresses, beautiful wedding photos.  Classy venues.  You’re going to be spending the rest of your lives together as husband and wife. Eeeek!!! So let’s get insured!!!!  HUH?  Say what?

I know…I know, it’s boring.  Insurance eh?  YAWN!.  It’s not nearly as exciting as choosing a dress, a wedding theme, bridesmaids dresses etc.  Plus what’s going to go wrong eh?  If you weren’t sure you’d be together forever then you wouldn’t have said yes.  So why bother wasting money on insurance.  Everything’s already so expensive right?  Skip the boring insurance and save a few quid.  Just makes sense right?  WRONG!!!

Firstly think about how much money you will be spending on your wedding?  The average wedding in the UK costs around £14,000 (exc. hen do & honeymoon).  That’s a lot of money right?  What are you going to do if things go wrong?

What if one of you gets made redundant?  Or one of your suppliers disappears, goes bankrupt, simply doesn’t turn up.  What if your venue goes into receivership?  All these have happened to people when planning their wedding.

I remember one wedding I was photographing.  The hotel was the subject of a bomb scare which meant the whole venue had to be evacuated for hours.  It was a very close call whether the wedding would be cancelled for security reasons.  The couple were not insured.  If police had cancelled the wedding then every supplier would have required to be paid again despite it not being the couple’s fault.  Can you afford that?  Luckily in the end it wasn’t but it could have easily gone the other way.

I was recently talking to a bride who ordered a dress from a bridal store local to her.  She got the dress but it was the wrong size and the shop has since closed down.  She’s now spent £500 and has a dress that doesn’t fit and it can’t be altered either.

What if a close relative passes away shortly before your wedding?  Would you still want to go ahead?  Probably not right?  But every supplier will still want paying.

I could give you examples all day long but here’s the main reason you should do it.  COST.  Wedding insurance is one of the affordable insurances you can buy.   When I got married the company I chose to buy insurance through was Dreamsaver.  At the time of writing, this is how much it costs to insure a wedding:

Let’s put it into context.  If your wedding budget is up to £15,000 then it’s probably less than you’ll be spending on your wedding invitations!!!  That’s not a lot of money to spend for peace of mind.  Sleep soundly at night knowing that if disaster strikes then chances are  you will be covered.

So what if you’ve already started wedding planning and paid deposits?  Well check with the insurance company but many will cover deposits you have already made.  So for example if you simply couldn’t wait and rushed straight in and booked your venue.  Should anything go wrong, the deposit will be covered too.  But remember.  Check first.  Some companies do cover this, others do not.

If your partner is in the armed services then this is another thing to check.  Some policies like Dreamsaver cover the risk that he/she may have their leave cancelled by their commanding officer.

Have I convinced you yet?  Honestly honestly if there’s one thing not to cut back on is wedding insurance.  Sure chances are you won’t need it.  But then isn’t that the nature of insurance?  We all buy car insurance right?  Home insurance?  Of course!  Yet for something as important as a wedding it seems most couples will simply take the risk.  Don’t do it!  Get yourself insured today!

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