Getting engaged is an exciting time of your life. Once you have chosen your wedding photographer, a great way to get yourselves comfortable in front of the camera is to have a ‘pre-wedding’ or engagement photo shoot. A pre wedding shoot gives you a great idea of how things will be during the bride and groom portrait session during your wedding day. Many customers find the idea of a photo shoot intimidating so this is the perfect way to get rid of that fear. So when your special day is upon us, you can feel more relaxed.

It’s also a fantastic way for us to get to know each other more. I promise that your engagement photo session will be fun and full of laughs. It’s most certainly not going to be strutting around like you’re on a catwalk all day. I want you to enjoy yourselves so I can capture the happiness and love between you both.

An engagement shoot is standard with my platinum package but you can add this on easily as an extra if you prefer. Typically it lasts around an hour and I guarantee you will be blown away at the results. All the edited images will be uploaded to a password protected gallery so you can share them with family & friends.

The images are perfect for a large signing board or maybe as photos for your save the date. Even use them all and create a custom guest signing book.


Want the wow factor? Why not book a love story movie shoot?

If you want to surprise and amaze your guests at your wedding, why not book us to create a short film as well. It is the perfect way to document your love in a magical way which photos alone cannot. Your friends and family will be amazed and it’s the perfect video to show your future kids and in time, grandkids!


Engagement Photography – FAQ

Here are a few questions which I often get asked.


If you have a favourite place which has special meaning then that would be ideal. For example your wedding venue! Otherwise I usually recommend a country park or somewhere we can go for a stroll. Around Nottingham then I usually recommend somewhere such as Newstead Abbey, Rufford Abbey, Wollaton Hall. All have amazing backdrops which are perfect for stunning photographs.


The ideal time is what us photographer’s refer to as ‘golden hour’. This is around one hour before sunset. At this time of day, the light is at its softest and makes everyone look beautiful. It is possible to create great photographs at any time of day but this time is the best. So when we’re scheduling a time, I will always prefer golden hour if possible but it’s not the end of the world if we cannot.

Due to a heavy wedding calendar, engagement shoots will be scheduled for weekdays rather than weekends when I will be typically shooting weddings. Especially in the summer!


The first priority is to be comfortable. So wear something you feel good in. I would also recommend wearing appropriate footwear. So if we are shooting at a National Trust site for example then wearing heels is not likely to be practical due to the walking we’ll be doing and the mud/dirt in the grass.

Try to avoid clothes with huge designer labels or very bright colours (unless you always wear bright colours). The reason is that I want you to be the centre of attention, rather than an advertisement for a clothing company.