The Sleeklens Wedding Workflow Presets in action.

I’ve shown some examples of how the main develop presets work above but since I don’t like any of them, I haven’t gone further with using those on my paid work.  I’ll be sticking to my classic, clean editing style for the foreseeable future.

So this part will concentrate more on the brushes.  As mentioned, some of the brushes seemed genuinely useful. The first one I used to good effect was the “Add Golden Sun”

As you can see from this before & after photo. The brush has easily added more of a well…golden sun effect to my image, without overpowering the image completely.

On the next photo, I used the ‘Reduce red skin’ brush to tone down a simple grab and grin image where the one of the subjects had very red skin. This seems to work well and I’m happy with the result.  Of course I could have increased the effect but I didn’t want the editing to be too obviously edited if that makes sense.

Finally here is a simple portrait where I’ve used the define hair adjustment brush to bring out more detail in the hair, a little soften skin which I dialled back and also used the teeth whiten tool.

The Verdict

Being honest, my initial impression of the Sleeklens Forever Thine presets were not great. I didn’t think they were very useful at all. Not that I expected to find every single one useful. That never happens with any preset bundles you buy. Some you will like, others you won’t. Such is the nature of the beast.

There’s also a few presets/brushes which let the bundle down.  Over time though I’ve found that a few of the brushes have actually come in handy. I’ll keep these and delete the ones I don’t use to keep things tidy.

Having had time to consider my thoughts. I’ve come to realise that part of the problem is that I have already found a good workflow and brushes which work well for me. I have a certain style which customers book me for and as such having presets which completely change that style was never really going to work for me.

So in consideration, I think the Forever Thine presets could be useful for the wedding photographer who is just starting out in their career. Perhaps they’ve not defined their style and/or not got a nifty selection of Lightroom brushes that they use all the time. In which case then yes, this bundle could help speed you up.

At the end of the day, Lightroom presets are just tweaks to the sliders packaged up to save you time. There is absolutely nothing you can’t do yourself manually if you have the time & inclination. The tradeoff really is if $31 to give you a kick start you is worth it or not.

In future, I’d like to see the presets organised in perhaps two different panels.  Ones which are geared towards the editing such as adding contrast/exposure/shadows etc.  Another panel for the actual base presets.  As it stands it is a bit messy to scroll up & down to find what you want.  It would just make life a little simpler.

In short, if you are a newbie to wedding photography and need a place to start off then the Forever Thine presets could be very good value for you. However if you are an experienced wedding photographer then I don’t think this bundle is for you.


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