So you’ve recently got engaged. Congratulations! You’ve got your sparkly new engagement ring on your finger. It’s so pretty! Naturally you start your planning off straight away. Those ideas you had for your dream wedding as you were growing up. Finally! Time to put them into action. Eventually you’ll find the perfect wedding venue and then people say it’s time to book your wedding photographer. But how? You may never have booked a Derbyshire wedding photographer before. So short of typing into Google “How to find a wedding photographer?” just how can you do it?

Nottingham wedding photographers are typically one of the first wedding vendors to be booked. It’s always advisable to book early if you want to be able to choose the person you want rather book someone who is still available because your first three choices were unavailable. Hope that makes sense?

Being honest, there’s many ways to find a good wedding photographer. Here are a couple of tips to help you find the right Wedding photographer in Derby for you.


Most couples will have a budget for their wedding and within that need to allocate the money to whatever they want to buy. Paying for a wedding is a juggling act. Often it will feel like robbing Peter to pay Paul. There are so many Sheffield wedding photographers that prices vary massively. So whilst it’s easy for me to sit here and say “Oh the best wedding photographers will charge this much” the reality is that you need to find one that fits your budget.

My advice is to allocate around 10% of your overall budget to your wedding photography. This strikes a good balance between all the other things like wedding cakes, chair covers and photobooth you may want. I do strongly recommend not scrimping on your photographer. Like most things, you get what you pay for. Don’t be the bride with the best chocolate fountain but no decent photos to remember it by.


A question often asked is ‘how many photos will I get?’. Sometimes followed by “XYZ Photography said they will give me 2000 photos”. Firstly if you NEED 2000 photographs then you probably want a videographer rather than a photographer.

Photography is an art and you want the best photos. Not a load of snaps. There’s simply no need and no way to guarantee a quality product over 2000 photos. Ironically it is usually the cheaper wedding photographers who promise this since they’ve confused more = better.

Would you rather have 300 perfect images or 2000 snaps?


It may seem like common sense. But sometimes it’s easy to get swept up in the pretty wedding photographs, the pressure selling tactics some photographers employ with their ‘special offer! One day only…if you book now’ deals.

But what I often advise brides is that it is imperative that you get on with your wedding photographer. In fact it could be THE most important factor. This is because no matter how beautiful their photographs. If you don’t like them as a person, they simply won’t be able to get the best out of you.