Kelham Hall Wedding Photos - Rachael & Andy

When Rachael first got in contact with me about her wedding plans at Kelham Hall, I was intrigued. What her & Andy were planning to tell their guests, was that it was Rachael's 30th birthday party. When their guests turned up. Instead of the party they were expecting, it would be a surprise wedding!!

Just to make matters even harder. This would all be planned during the evening in March!  My first thought was "There won't be any daylight after the ceremony!" Now I have to say at this point that I love using the dark to take photographs. It really challenges me and allows me to use my flash skills to create stunning portraits.  But to do ALL the outside photos in the night time!?!  That was indeed a challenge!

Now usually this is the part of my blog where I'd write a bit about how the day went. However. I will like usual share my personal favourite photos at the end. But this time, I thought I'd do it a little differently. So I reached out to Rachael and asked if she wouldn't mind sharing a few of her favourite wedding photographs from her day and a quick sentence on why.

Her first reaction was: "...narrowing it down to 100 for the album was difficult!  But 5-10!?!" ha ha.  Ooops!  But I'm really grateful she did spend the time to compile her top 10 favourites and explain why each one is special.

Over to you Rachael!

Rachael: "This picture captures our handsome boy in a moment of calm. It is perfect."

Page Boy adjusting his bow tie before his mum's wedding at Kelham Hall

Rachael: "This photo captured the reactions to the surprise- it really made us smile."

Wedding Guests arrive at Kelham Hall for a surprise wedding

Rachael: "Our children walked down the aisle before the bridesmaids and then me so I didn't see what a great job they did until this photo.  The wedding was a surprise for our guests and there are some brilliant photos capturing the moment I walked around the corner and saw everyone as they mouthed their shock and delight to me and my Dad."

Bride just as she turns the corner to walk down the aisle. Smiles as she sees all her guests

Rachael: "This was just after we had shared our first kiss as husband and wife. The photo captures a natural moment of pure happiness and looking back on it reminds us of the fantastic reaction of our guests."

Bride & groom getting a round of applause by guests who are sat behind them after they exchanged wedding vows at their wedding at Kelham Hall

Rachael: "Andrew and my Grandad have always had a great relationship. They were having a quick chat before the family photos and we just love the tenderness of it."

Groom talking to his grandad just after his wedding ceremony at Kelham Hall

Rachael: "It is a great photo of the cake and we liked it as it isn't too posed or forced. The concentration on Andrew's face to cut the cake (which was difficult as the knife handle was broken!) made us chuckle."

Cutting the wedding cake at Kelham Hall

Rachael: "Our first dance- We were both slightly embarrassed at everyone looking at us so we just focused on each other and this photo perfectly captures that for us."

Bride and groom laughing with each other as they perform their first dance at their wedding at Kelham Hall

Rachael: "We loved seeing everyone on the dance floor in this photo and having a good time."

People dancing in the Great Hall at Kelham Hall with giant LOVE letters at the back of the room on the stage

Rachel: "As soon as I opened this photo of me, my Dad and my Uncle I was thrilled with it and it will definitely be one that I treasure."


Credit where Credit's Due

Some other fellow wedding suppliers who made Rachael & Andrew's day possible.

Florist: All Bunched Up

Makeup: Alluring Makeup

Wedding Cake: Celebrity Cakes

DJ & Photobooth: EG Entertainments

As a wedding photographer in Nottingham I try remember that it's not all about the special effects, editing or big flash that makes a compelling photograph. Often, the simplest of photos can have the greatest meaning. That's why I always say that "Emotions and moments are above all"

I'd like to thank Rachael and Andy for sharing their favourite Kelham Hall wedding photographs with us all.

Here are just a few of my personal favourites too! I hope you all agree their wedding was absolutely epic.

Kelham Hall Wedding Photographs

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