Recently I was on the market for a cheap flash to use for my off camera work. I already have the Nikon SB-910 and Yongnuo 568EX as well as the Nikon SB-700. But I really wanted something cheap for putting onto lightstands when I am photographing weddings. That way if it falls over and breaks I am not out £300 like I would be if the Nikon SB-910 fell over.

I was all set to buy another Yongnuo 568 which has served me faithfully for the last few years but then I saw the Meike MK-910 at Amazon.co.uk. This little flash is even cheaper than the Yongnuo, looks identical to the Nikon original and on paper the specs look good.

However there the similarities end. Firstly as you can see from the box in my video review below, the official guide number was 60 which is the same rating as the Yongnuo and other speedlights. However I soon realised the Meike was significantly less powerful than it’s competitors. It’s not even close to the Yongnuo 568. The difference was about 2/3 of a stop which put in another way, the Yongnuo flash output is 66% more than the Meike.

The build quality was OK given the price and it looks exactly like the Nikon SB910 to the point you can use the Nikon stofen on the Meike. The buttons on the Nikon feel better but then it is a lot more expensive.

In short I felt a bit misled by the Meike and am struggling to find a reason why you would opt for the Meike over say the Yongnuo, or Shanny or Pixel speedlights. There simply isn’t a big enough price difference yet there is a notable performance difference.

You can watch my video to see the power testing towards the end of the review.

Since writing this review, I’ve since replaced my Yongnuo flash with another flash I think is better. Click here to find out which

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