Peter’s Surprise Proposal – Sherwood Forest Centerparcs

With a jam packed wedding season this year, I thought it would be a good idea to treat ourselves to a weekend away for one of the very few weekends this year where I had absolutely no weddings booked.  With the wedding season about to get into full swing, a totally free weekend is a rare sight in my calendar this year.

So my wife & I decided that a short break at Centerparcs in Sherwood Forest would be perfect.  Plenty of activities for us all to do and keep the kids entertained.  We spent the first day in the pool then in the early evening we decided to have a bit of a walk around to explore the area.  We were all strolling by the lake when my wife commented that someone was trying to take a selfie.  I would later find out their names, Peter & Fiona but back to the story for now.  They looked like a nice couple and everyone is always so friendly at Centerparcs so I figured it would be polite and offered to take a photo for them.  The next few minutes went by like a blur.  What I do remember was picking up Peter’s camera to take a quick photo and like a ninja he turned around, went down on one knee and out of nowhere he whipped out an engagement ring.  Honestly the move was so quick it took a few seconds for what was happening to sink in.  Fiona was obviously totally unaware which apparently was Pete’s goal.  Mission complete my friend.  Fiona was definitely surprised!



Now as a wedding photographer I am used to reacting to unexpected situations and capturing those fleeting moments.  Usually I would have one of my top of the range professional DSLR’s that focus quickly and capture over 6 frames a second.  Not this time…..Pete’s little point and shoot camera was alien to me!  I was mashing the button as hard as I could.  Terrified I would miss the moment and they would not have a photo to look back on.  The second or so it took to lock focus seemed like an eternity.  Inside I was thinking “NOOOO  The one time I don’t bring my camera!!!!”  I think I managed to take several photos.

Thankfully for Pete, Fiona said yes and the ring fitted perfectly which was better than I managed as my wife kindly pointed out (again). We congratulated the happy couple and it seemed only right under the circumstances that I offer them an engagement shoot. Of all the people that were walking past that evening, Pete happened to ask me to take their photo.  What are the chances eh?  Is that fate or pure coincidence in action??  I honestly have no idea.

Now I hadn’t really planned on taking anything but family photos at the weekend so as a result I had packed light.  So rather than the usual assortment of lenses, flashes and modifiers I would usually take on a shoot, we had to make do with the single camera & lens I had packed and what was available.  We went back to the same spot where Pete proposed and for a quick walk around the lake.

Here are a few photos we took and I hope you all enjoy them.  I’d like to finish by congratulating both Fiona & Peter again and wishing them every success with their wedding plans.


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