Sian & Ryan – Sherwood Forest Nottingham Wedding Photographer

Ryan & Sian live in Brighton but were getting married at Sherwood Forest.  Initially when they were looking for a Nottingham & Derby wedding photographer they got in touch via email.  I have had quite a few couples book me who live further afield and whilst it’s always an honour that my customer’s feel they can trust me, I also do enjoy meeting face to face.

So the next time Ryan and Sian were visiting we met up and had a good chat.  I was very curious to know why they were getting married in Nottingham and not in Brighton.  It turns out that Ryan is a huge Nottingham Forest fan and really wanted to get married at Nottingham Forest football club.  Unfortunately this wasn’t Sian’s idea of a dream wedding.  So showing some fantastic out of the box thinking, Ryan decided that if they can’t get married at Nottingham Forest then they should get married at a forest in Nottingham!  Brilliant!

Whilst we were discussing the photos they had in mind, Ryan & Sian mentioned they had seen the photographs I have taken in the rain using an umbrella & flash.  They told me they would really like one like that too and that they would also be “up for any other great ideas” I had.  The conundrum I had was how to make it rain?  I know in the UK it often rains but let’s be perfectly honest, there’s no way to predict if it will or not.  And in my opinion, having a bride and groom stood under an umbrella when it’s not raining simply looks a little odd.  Well it was a challenge and I put my thinking cap on.

About two months before their wedding I had a Eureka moment!  Plus I had a crazy idea.  Well they did say they were up for great ideas…….I think we pulled it off.  Thankfully Sian was a great sport and didn’t mind getting a little wet to capture the amazing images I hope they love.  Below are a small selection of my favourites.  I hope you like them too.

If you are getting married in the East Midlands area or beyond.  If you are looking for a Nottingham or Derby wedding photographer then drop me a message, I’d love to hear about your plans.

Bride & groom wedding photograph at The Gherkin in London


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