Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Martin Cheung Photography operates at the highest professional level but in the modern litigious day & age, it’s probably a good idea to have some terms and conditions in place.

  1. We have fun. No boring weddings please!
  2. Do drop me a Facebook friend request or follow me on Instagram. It’s nice to get to know you and by the time your wedding day arrives we’re not making small talk but chatting like friends.
  3. Your digital photos can be shared with your friends & family. Just don’t sell them to for example Hello! magazine without checking with me first please. I probably won’t mind. But I’d like to get a copy to show my mum!
  4. If you are a supplier and want some photos of a wedding I have previously photographed. Do drop me a message, say hello and I’ll be happy to email you them over free of charge. I can’t do my job without you. I don’t see why you should pay! But I get a bit busy so if I said I’ll email you and haven’t. Just give me a gentle nudge.
  5. Under no circumstances will Martin Cheung Photography tolerate any form of abuse. I am married and have three kids. I get enough of that at home thank you very much! If any form of abuse is received, I reserve the right to go home straight away and let my family do it properly.
  6. In the unlikely event that I die then I definitely will not be at your wedding. In which case my loving wife who will have more time to herself now will organise a replacement for you. If I am seriously ill and not just suffering from man flu then I’ll organise a replacement photographer who will hopefully be just as much as a photography ninja as I am.
  7. We take a selfie. My kids say I’m not cool. This will show them!
Taking a selfie with the bride & groom
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