Wedding Photography Equipment List

I do regularly get asked for advice on what camera or flashes I use at weddings and why. So if you are considering switching to Sony or Godox flashes then this post is for you.

I’m always happy to hear from fellow wedding photographers and help where I can. However, do me a favour. Drop me a direct email rather than using my enquiry contact form. This is because the form goes directly to my customer database and deleting the enquiry isn’t a simple one click affair. Thank you!

So without further ado, here is a list of equipment which I personally take to each wedding.

Camera Bodies

Sony A9 Camera
Sony A9

My main camera and workhorse. The silent shutter on my A9 has literally revolutionised how I shoot weddings. You can read more about the A9 on some of my other blog posts.

Sony A7r3 Camera
Sony A7r3

My secondary camera. 42 Megapixels of goodness. Superb portrait camera. The dynamic range and high ISO performance on the A7r3 is phenomenal.

Speedlights & Flashes

Godox AD200
Godox AD200

This was the flash I didn’t know I needed until Godox announced it. I have two and use them in many situations. Reception lighting, portraits, first dance. Read my AD200 review for more information.

Godox v860ii
Godox v860ii

When I need a speedlight then my flash unit of choice is the Godox v860ii. These use Li-On batteries which last for several weddings. This means I don’t have to charge after every single wedding. Very useful for when I have back to back weddings. Read my Godox v860ii review for more info.


I’m not going to write individually about each lens. So I will list them here and mention a couple of points I’d like everyone to know.

I love the Samyang 35mm lens. In side by side tests, image quality stands up to the Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4. To the point where only when I pixel peep do I see differences. For the price, it’s very hard to justify the Sony Zeiss if you are only taking photographs. I gave the latter to my wife who uses it for video. The declick aperture ring and firmer manual focus ring helps for video. Image quality-wise, there’s really nothing in it.

I absolutely ADORE the Sony 85mm 1.8 FE lens. It’s small, light, inexpensive but so sharp that I can cut my fingers on the images. Given the ISO performance on Sony cameras, I really don’t see a need to get the 1.4 version. The size & weight of the Sony 85mm 1.4GM really puts me off using it.

Lastly whilst I do have the Sony 70-200 2.8GM, I rarely use it. It comes out for a few shots at each wedding. I keep it in case I get shoved at the back of a church and need the reach. Otherwise I use the 85mm lens on my A7r3.

Light Modifiers

Having flashes is one thing. As any good wedding photographer will tell you. It’s how you shape the light which makes the difference. So here are the modifiers I take with me to every wedding.


The most essential light modification kit for wedding photographers. I honestly have no idea how I managed before being able to use grids, snoots and gels so quickly and easily! Yes it is expensive. Yes it is totally worth it!

MagMod Basic Kit

Magbox Softbox
Magmod Magbox

The latest softbox from Magmod. Yes it was expensive. I have the Pro kit which makes it even more expensive. Ouchie! But I’ve yet to find another softbox which is quick to set up, allows me to combine both AD200’s to give me 400ws of power, a focus diffuser and gel my light source.

MagMod Magbox Pro Kit

Lowepro BP 450AW II
Lowepro Pro Runner BP 450 AW II

I’ve owned lots of different camera bags, messenger bags and roller cases. This is my bag of choice at the moment. It’s small enough to fit on my back. Yet large enough to seem to keep taking more & more of my equipment. That said, my AD200’s go into the Magbox case now but everything fits neatly into this backpack.

Lowepro Runner BP 450 AW II



That’s all the main equipment I carry. I do have other stuff like spare memory cards, batteries and other odds & sods but probably not worth mentioning. If there’s anything you’d like me to cover further or if you have any questions for me. Feel free to drop me a message directly to martin@martincheung.co.uk

Hope that’s helped