West Mill Derby Wedding – Shona & Ollie

When Ollie & Shona first contacted me and told me they were holding their wedding at The West Mill Derby, I confess I had not heard of it. But for good reason really. At the time it was still being built and it wasn’t yet available. So in many ways they really did take a leap of faith that this would be their dream wedding venue. The website at the time was basic with some model bride & grooms to show what the place could look like.

I met up with Shona & Ollie a few weeks before their big day at the venue and quickly you realise why it has generated a big buzz around the wedding industry. I was glad they chose me to be their photographer and having seen the high standards my fellow photographer’s had set, I was determined to make sure I did their day justice.

The girls arrived nice and early to get ready in the dedicated getting ready room. This is strategically placed right next to the ceremony room which means the bride doesn’t have to travel very far or trek up several flights of stairs since it’s on the top floor of the mill. One of the many things that seemed to have been well thought through. The ceremony room is wonderfully lit giving ample opportunity for gorgeous wedding photos. Sophie was Shona’s make up artist and she did her usual wonderful job in getting the girls all ready on time and looking amazing!

The day really seemed to fly by and looking at the photos, it’s clear everyone had a lot of fun. Thinking back it was a long day but it didn’t feel rushed at all. Weddings are often fluid events with the timeline going out of the window as the day progresses. But we kept roughly on track and we were treated to the most wonderful sunset I’ve seen so far this year. Thankfully the happy couple were more than obliging to me dragging them outside for “a few more” photographs.

It was lovely to catch up with my good friends, Louise from Sweet A Fayre. Thank you so much for the extra large helping of popcorn. Unfortunately I didn’t get any as my kids soon polished them off! Probably just as well given my ever expanding waist line.

If you are getting married and want to hire an experienced West Mill wedding photographer  who will do your day justice then I would love to hear from you. Below are a small selection of my favourite photographs from their day.