Colwick Hall Wedding Photos

Colwick Hall Wedding Photos

I took many Colwick Hall wedding photos at Nicola & Ed’s wedding which they held in late December. Unlike quite a few Nottingham & Derby wedding photographer’s, I do enjoy winter weddings.

You see, many wedding photographer’s dislike the harsh winter sunlight and the fact it goes dark early. Personally I love it. I see it as a challenge to see what I can do. The fact it goes dark early is great to me. The darkness is a blank canvas for me to use light to ‘draw’ my photographs.

The wedding photo above is a prime example. This was taken just outside Colwick Hall near reception. Being just after Christmas, decorations were still up. After Nicola and Ed’s wedding breakfast we came outside to take a few evening portraits and I used the fairy lights wrapped around the archway as the backdrop.  By stepping back and using my zoom lens to compress the background, I made the twinkle lights turn into blue baubles.  A friendly groomsman who had kindly agreed to help provided the flash to light up the bride & groom.

Later after the first dance, I asked if they’d spare me a few minutes for ‘one more shot’. It showed how much they trusted me when I took them outside into the garden and headed straight for the darkest area. I wanted total pitch black. In fact it was so dark I could only see my own camera with a torch!

Using some creative lighting techniques we created this stunning image which I hoped would round off their wedding album well.

Colwick Hall Wedding Photos in the night

If you are planning a wedding in the winter months, I’d love to speak with you and show you photographs which I have taken during this challenging season and why I might be the Colwick Hall wedding photographer in Nottingham for you.

Location: Colwick Hall, Nottingham, UK.