Hazel Gap Barn is a stunning building on the Welbeck Estate, Budby deep in the heart of the  Nottinghamshire countryside.

The barn is made of of two buildings. The barn and the farmhouse. The newly built oak room with its full length glass doors means a light and airy room for your wedding breakfast. A stunning courtyard and

Cripps have taken their time and spared no expense to restore this building into one of the premiere wedding venues in the East Midlands.

Since Hazel Gap opened their doors back in 2017 it has quickly become one of the most popular places for engaged couples to tie the knot.  If you are thinking about getting married here then I would strongly suggest you visit the venue early and book as quickly as you can. Especially if you want a peak date!

As one of their recommended suppliers, I photographed this beautiful venue many times and at all times of the year.  Given my experiences, I thought I would take the opportunity to write all about Hazel Gap and my tips and advice for anyone looking to have their wedding celebrations here.

Getting married at Hazel Gap Barn

When you enter the converted farm barn. You will no doubt be impressed by the red bricks, authentic wooden beams and candle lit candelabra’s. This breathtaking room can seat up to 150 guests in comfort.

Ceremony room at Hazel Gap Barn

Just imagine yourself walking down the long aisle. Your closest friends and family all present as you make your way towards your waiting groom. You take a deep breath whilst your groom wipes a tear away from his eyes. In such a stunning room, it’s hard for everyone to keep their emotions in check!

Bride walking down the aisle at Hazel Gap Barn as groom wipes away a tear
Having spoken to many of my customer’s who have tied the knot at Hazel Gap Barn. They say that their minds were made up as soon as they saw this beautiful room.

The Courtyard

After your ceremony, your dedicated wedding coordinator will lead you into the getting ready room where you can spend a few precious minutes with your new husband/wife.

Your guests will be led outside into the courtyard where they will get ready with confetti. Once the deed is done, you can spend some time mingling. Enjoy the sunshine and have a few drinks with your friends and family. Trust me, time will fly on your wedding day so make the most of this time!

In the courtyard, there are mulberry trees and a water fountain in the middle.

However, my favourite feature has to be the real fire pits. Guests always enjoy toasting marshmallow’s in the fire pits which can be lit in the evenings.

Bride toasting marshmallow's with her friends at Hazel Gap Barn

It always makes for some great photographs and some funny moments.  This is the sort of natural wedding photography in Nottingham I love to capture!

Wedding photo of guest at Hazel Gap Barn feeding a friend with a marshmallow which was toasted in the firepit

The open space in the courtyard means that you have an enclosed area for children to be able to run around during the day time. The perfect space if you want to put out some outdoor games such as beer pong to entertain. your wedding guests.

Wedding guests playing beer pong in the courtyard at a Hazel Gap Barn wedding

Hazel Gap Barn Wedding Ceremonies

The fact the main ceremony room is a genuine restored barn means that it can be quite a challenge to photograph.

You see, the beautiful archway doors in the middle are both a blessing and a curse. Through these doors, natural light which floods into the room. As you and your bridesmaids walk down the aisle, it presents a wonderful photo opportunity.

However it does mean that the front of the room is much darker. Especially when lit by candles! The doors behind now become the curse by causing an effect known by wedding photographers as backlighting.

Bride walks down the aisle at Hazel Gap Barn

Thankfully my extensive experience as a Hazel Gap Barn wedding photographer means I know exactly how to overcome problems like this without becoming a nuisance during the ceremony, as you exchange vows.

Bride has big smile on face as she meets her waiting groom at Hazel Gap Barn

The Food….Oh the Food!!!!

If you like a good barbecue then you will be right at home here! This is where Cripps’s experience in running prestigious wedding venues shine through.

Fresh locally sourced meat is cooked on the large open air barbecues at the side of the courtyard.  Here the talented chef’s work their magic and create food that will delight your taste buds!

It’s no secret with the staff that I adore the Chorizo sausages. That being said, as a self confessed meat lover. I am not ashamed to admit that my personal favourite are actually the green beans!  They are just so crunchy. So even if you are a vegetarian, don’t worry. The food is simply epic.

Photograph of the food which is served at a Hazel Gap Barn wedding
Toasts during wedding breakfast at Hazel Gap Barn

The Party!!

After the vows are exchanged, the photos taken and the food is eaten. What’s next? The party of course! As your guests come out of the Oak room, they can get a drink from the bar, enjoy roasting marshmallow’s on the fire pits.

The built in uplighting and best in class music system will mean your DJ or band is given a helping hand in getting the disco going.

Ahh but don’t forget before you let your hair down, there’s just one little thing left…..the first dance!

Groom lifts bride up for a spin during first dance at Hazel Gap Barn whilst guests cheer
Bride dancing with friends
Wedding guest breakdancing during party at Hazel Gap Barn

Are Sparklers allowed at Hazel Gap?

Sparkler exits are a tradition which is now popular at weddings in the UK.

The short answer is yes! You are allowed to have sparklers at Hazel Gap Barn.

I always recommend purchasing the long 16″ sparklers and making sure you hire an experienced wedding photographer who can shoot a fast action sparkler tunnel whilst walking backwards surrounded by drunk guests waving white hot fireworks! Sparklers are fun and you get great reactions. But they aren’t for the faint of heart 🙂

Bride & groom walking through sparkler tunnel at Hazel Gap Barn

Hazel Gap Barn Wedding Photography

I have quite a few favourite spots where I like to take photographs of just the two of you. I totally understand that most couples are not professional models.

My goal is to capture the natural love and emotion between you. That’s why I won’t be in your faces disrupting those moments unfold. There’s nothing romantic about having a camera shoved in your face and told “OK smile!”

Instead I’ll encourage you to interact with each other. Have a little hug, a walk. Perhaps even a little kiss! If he’s lucky!

It’s important you are doing something you feel comfortable and natural. Otherwise the photos will just look forced and staged. Those photos are no good to anyone.

Here are just a very few of the hundreds of wedding photos I’ve taken over the years at Hazel Gap Barn.

Christmas wedding photograph at Hazel Gap Barn with Christmas tree in background

Bride and groom take a short walk around Hazel Gap BarnBride & groom walking in the back gardens of Hazel Gap Barn holding giant Mr & Mrs balloon's with a dramatic blue skyBride & groom walking down the path at Hazel Gap Barn NottinghamWedding photo in Hazel Gap Barn room


How to find Hazel Gap Barn

Hazel Gap Barn is located just off the A616 between Cuckney & Thoresby.


Contact Details

Hazel Gap Barn
Budby Road
NG22 9EY
Tel: 01623 708500
Website: Hazel Gap Barn

Check out their social media pages for the latest information

Hazel Gap Barn – Facebook Page

Hazel Gap Barn – Instagram

Recent Weddings

As a recommended Hazel Gap Barn wedding photographer, I have the experience to deliver a set of stunning photographs which I hope you will cherish. That one day you will show not just your children but your grandchildren too!

Click on one of the links below to see a full gallery from previous weddings I’ve documented at this fabulous venue.

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